Top 10 Things A Growth Environment Shows You



    1. A place where others are ahead of you.

    I’ve heard it said many times, “You never want to be the smartest person in the room,” and if you are, go find a different room. If you aren’t challenged, you will get complacent and will never be better than you are today. So seek out a place where others are smarter than you!


    2. A place where other people are growing.

    Have you ever heard that thoroughbreds run with thoroughbreds and donkeys with donkeys and they don’t usually mix? Having an environment where the people you surround yourself with are also growing means you’re in the right place!


    3. A place where you can fail. And fail fast.

    You must be ok with mistakes. Failure and success are not two separate roads. They are one road. You don’t get success without having failures. So fail. Fail forward. Fail forward faster!


    4. A place where you get out of your comfort zone.

    The magic happens outside your comfort zone. If you’re not uncomfortable then your NOT growing. That place between where you are and where you want to be…it’s uncomfortable there. So get comfortable being uncomfortable if you want a growth environment.


    5. A place where the leadership both model and expect it.

    Everything rises and falls on leadership and great teams hold each other accountable to it.


    6. A place where people are excited to be there and they love what they do.

    If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life! Being around other people who also love what they do creates a great synergy that promotes production and success.


    7. A place where you are continuously being pushed or challenged.

    Even professional athletes have a coach and sometimes multiple coaches. Who is pushing you to become what they know you can be? Having someone who fights for your growth can literally be the difference between you hitting a ceiling or blowing past the ceiling.


    8. A place that both helps and allows you to focus on progressing forward.

    How do you know if you’re making progress? Are you relying on a feeling or are you looking at measurable components? Are you tracking progress? “Don’t mistake movement for achievement.”


    9. A place where people desire more.

    Complacency and a lack of desire to grow, just means you are dying. Being around others who fight complacency and desire to be better can spur you on to keep getting better also.


    10. A place where the atmosphere and people are affirming.

    Nobody succeeds alone. Think hard about who you are spending time with. Wherever they are headed, so are you. Synergy and encouragement are needed by everyone.


    *1-10 based upon Laws of Leadership written by John Maxwell


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